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Why Turkish Airlines Holidays?

There are a lot of reasons for you to prefer Turkish Airlines Holidays introduced with a view to offer you a brand new holiday experience.

A New Unique Platform For All Your Travel Needs

All your holiday needs are in one place with Turkish Airlines service guarantee.
We, as Turkish Airlines Holidays, are introducing the concept of package holidays and have revolutionized the way we offer you holidays. In order to transform holidays into effortless, personalized and unique experiences for everyone, we offer a digital platform where you can plan all your travel needs such as flight, hotel, transfer, car rental in one place, view millions of options, and cancel. With this unique feature, distinguishing us from all other service providers in the industry, our guests will enjoy an end-to-end holiday experience.
Turkish Airlines Holidays is taking the holiday experience to a whole new level with its personalized package holidays. On our platform, our guests can easily pick their choices among thousands of alternatives wherever they want on all over the world and book their package holiday they want with just few clicks. Any detail throughout their holiday such as the duration of their holiday, choice of accommodation, room, catering services and transportation may easily be included in the package holiday as desired. Unless you prefer to include a service in your package, you will not need to pay for any item or service. Users may, if they wish so, also prefer our custom-made package holidays prepared meticulously by taking into consideration different needs and expectations.
Turkish Airlines Holidays enables you to plan your holiday just as you wish. You are not ever forced to bear the cost of any service you do not use or need. The total cost of your package holiday and the price for any additional service upon your choice, that you see on our website are what you expect to pay. You will not encounter hidden costs.

We Offer Our Guests Unconditional Cancellation Option

We offer an unconditional cancellation guarantee of up to 30 days for your entire package holiday.

Earn Extra Miles

We offer the advantages of Miles & Smiles, the award-winning loyalty program launched by Turkish Airlines in 2000, to Turkish Airlines Holidays’ guests. As another unique feature, we are once more proving our pioneering role in the sector with the opportunity of earning miles while taking a vacation. We offer you the opportunity to earn extra miles not only from flights, but also from all the services you purchase at Turkish Airlines Holidays such as hotel, car rental and transfer expenses.

Miles&Smiles members may start their holiday experience by logging in Turkish Airlines Holidays platform with their Miles&Smiles member details. The guests earn extra and double miles not only from the flight but also from all the expenses they make for the holiday with the package holiday they purchase (1$ = 2 Miles).

There For You, Throughout Your Holiday

Our customers are our top priority, so we put the utmost care into ensuring a smoothest holiday experience and an amazing customer service. We are ready to guide and assist you on 7/24 basis throughout your entire journey, from check-in, boarding, arrival, transit and transfer, hotel stays and beyond. We will be with you every step of the way so that you can take a vacation with peace of mind. Our travel assistants are ready to assist you whenever you need help for solving any difficulty shortly.
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