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Last Updated On: 08/11/2021

As ERKA TK Turizm Bilişim A.Ş. (“ ERKA” or “ Company” or “ Package Holiday Organizer”), we use certain technologies such as cookies, pixels, gifs, web beacons (“ Cookies”) to improve your experience during your visits to our online channels. The use of these technologies is carried out in accordance with the legislation we are subject to, notably the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“ Law”) and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“ GDPR”).

The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to inform you about the processing of the personal data obtained from Site users, members and/or visitors (“ Data Owner/ Relevant Person”) during the use of cookies of the “” website (“ Site”) and mobile application operated by us. Erka acts as the data controller regarding your personal data that you share and/or we collect through the Site.  In this Cookie Policy, which is an integral part of the Privacy Policy and Clarification Text that you can access via the “” address, we would like to explain to you what types of cookies we use for what purposes on our Site and how you can control these cookies.

As ERKA, we may stop using the Cookies we use on our Site, change their types or functions, or add new Cookies to our Site. Therefore, we reserve the right to modify the provisions of this Cookie Policy at any time. Any changes made to the current Cookie Policy will become effective upon being published on the Site or any public medium. We recommend you to visit this page from time to time to review these changes. You can find the date of the last update at the beginning of the text.

What Are Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Technologies?

Cookies are small data files, usually consisting of letters and numbers, that we use to collect information through the Site and to create a summary about your preferences, and uploaded to your computer or mobile device by a web server via your browser.

Web beacons are small short graphic images, also known as “pixel tags” or “clear GIFs”, that can be incorporated into our Site, services, applications, messaging and tools, often working in conjunction with cookies, to identify our users and user behavior.

Similar technologies are technologies such as flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies and other internet applications, software methods that store information in your browser or device using local shared object or local storage. These technologies can work through all your browsers. In some cases, you may not fully be able to control them through your browser, and in such cases, you may need to control them directly through your installed apps or your device.

The term “Cookies” in this Cookie Policy may be used to refer to all technologies, including cookies, web beacons and similar technologies that we use to store data in your browser or device and to collect information or help us identify you as specified in this Cookie Policy.

Websites use Cookies to recognize you when a connection is made between your browser and the server. Cookies are designed to make a website easier to be used by its visitors. Cookies does not collect and save your personal data such as your name-surname, address, password, credit card information and sensitive personal data.

For more detailed information on cookies, you can visit and We offer certain Site features, services and applications which are only available through Cookies and other similar technologies. You can always block, delete or disable cookies and other similar technologies to the extent permitted by your browser, the app you installed, or your device. However, if you disable the use of Cookies and other similar technologies, you may not be able to take advantage of certain Site features, services and applications. You may also need to enter your password more often during your browser login. For more detailed information on how to block, delete or disable these technologies, please check your browser and device settings.

For What Purposes and Legal Reasons Are Cookies Used?

As ERKA, we use Cookies for various purposes on our Site and mobile application, and we process your personal data through these Cookies. These purposes are mainly:

  • To realize the basic functions necessary for the operation of the Site. For example; for the logged-in members to not need to enter passwords again while visiting different pages on the Site.
  • To analyze the Site and increase the performance of the Site. For example; to the integration of different servers which the Site works on, to determine the number of visitors visiting the Site and adjust the performance accordingly, or to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • To increase the functionality of the Site and to provide ease of use. For example; to remember the username information or search queries on the next visit of the visitor visiting the Site.
  • To perform personalization, targeting and advertising activities. For example; displaying ads related to visitors’ interests based on the pages and products that visitors view.

Cookies are processed based on the legal reasons of “ necessity to process the personal data of the parties of the agreement, provided that it is directly related to the conclusion or performance of an agreement, necessity of data processing for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject” as specified under Article 5 of the Law and Article 6 of the GDPR, in order to present the Site to you in working condition.

Use of These Technologies by Authorized Third Party Service Providers

We work with third-party companies known as “service providers” to place third-party cookies, web beacons and similar technologies based on our authorization for the purpose of storing information on our Site. These service providers help us to provide you a better, faster and more secure experience.

These service providers may use such technologies to assist us in content delivery and to collect anonymous site metrics and analytics. These service providers are subject to privacy agreements between us and other legal restrictions on the collection and use of personal data. Third-party cookies are covered by the privacy policy of third parties.

We use the following third-party cookies or technologies in order to provide you with ads tailored to your specific interests, to analyze how you use our Site, to increase the ease of use of the Site, and to collect usage statistics:

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how visitors use the Website. Information about your use of this Site (including your IP address) is transferred to Google, Inc. (“ Google”) and stored by Google on servers located in Ireland. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the Site, to collect Site activity for the Company, and to provide other services related to Site activity and internet usage. You can visit for more information about Google Analytics’s use of cookies (including opt-out options).
  • Insider: Insider cookies run as a unique identity structure for your computer or a third-party analysis platform through a web browser. These cookies are used to measure marketing campaigns, performance analysis, and personalization activities. For detailed information about Insider cookies, please visit the following link:
  • Google Tag Manager: Google Tag Manager is used for tracking and analytics. Google Tag Manager does not collect any personal data. This is a tool that automatically updates small pieces of tags and therefore may collect sensitive information. Google Tag Manager does not use this data. However, tags managed by Google Tag Manager will still remain active even if you have opted out cookies or disabled URL-based session tracking. For details, visit
  • Hotjar: Hotjar cookies provide meaningful and anonymous data that allow us to improve the design and functionality of our website in line with users' experiences and habits. For detailed information about Hotjar cookies please visit:

Which Cookies Do We Use?

Below, you can find different types of cookies we use on our Site. Both first-party cookies (placed by the site you visit) and third-party cookies (placed by the servers other than the site you visit) are used on our Site.

Type of CookieFunction of Cookie

Mandatory Cookies

This type of cookie is necessary for the Site to function properly. These cookies enable the Site to be visited and its features to be used. Session cookies are used to transfer information between various pages of the website and to prevent users to enter information more than once. Cookies in this category do not collect personal data in any way. They are temporary and are deleted immediately after browser is closed.

Performance CookiesAllows us to count the number of visits to the Site and traffic sources so that we can measure and improve Site performance. Helps us learn how visitors navigate around the site. Collected to give you a better experience. All information these cookies collect is compiled and therefore anonymous.Functional CookiesThese cookies make it easier for the user to visit the site by recognizing the choices made by the user (selected city, flight date, etc.). Additionally, this information provides users with advanced web features. These can be set by us or by third-party providers whose services we use on our page.Advertising CookiesAdvertising cookies are used for targeted advertising/promotional purposes, in order to present content and advertisements more appropriate to your interests. By matching the information obtained through cookies with other personal data belonging to you, they offer you more suitable content, personalized campaigns and products, and do not offer content or opportunities that you previously stated that you did not want.


Information about the cookies on the site are given in the tables below:

Cookie Service Provider Name of Cookie Purpose of Cookie Type of Cookie Duration of Cookie
Package Holiday Organizer countryCode Country information Mandatory Cookies 365 days
Package Holiday Organizer currencyCode Currency Mandatory Cookies 365 days
Package Holiday Organizer languageCode Language information Mandatory Cookies 365 days
Package Holiday Organizer token Session information Mandatory Cookies 30 days
Package Holiday Organizer userSearchInfo Search information Mandatory Cookies 365 days
Package Holiday Organizer acceptCokkie Cookie Policy Notification Information Mandatory Cookies 30 days
Package Holiday Organizer isClosedNotifications Site header notification information Mandatory Cookies 1 day
Google Analytics _ga It is used to parse users Performance Cookies 2 years
Google Analytics _gid It is used to parse users Performance Cookies 24 hours
Google Analytics _gat It is used to speed up queries Performance Cookies 1 minute
Insider INSOPTOUT Stores opt-out status of current user Marketing Cookies 1 year
Insider customDataSet-* Custom segmentation storage Marketing Cookies 30 days
Insider ins-storage-version prevents or permits re-migrating localStorage values from worker to partner site Marketing Cookies 1 year
Insider first-permission-impression Stores the status between the user and opt-in permission screen. It helps us to show opt-in screen again for the users who didn't see it. Marketing Cookies 1 years
Insider native-permission-impression Stores the status between the user and native opt-in permission screen. It helps us to show opt-in screen again for the users who didn't see it. Marketing Cookies 1 year
Insider ins-gaSSId Tracks Google Analytics users for 30 minute sessions. Similar like GA we set cookies with 30 minute expiration dates and every user gets a new id in every 30 minutes. Marketing Cookies 30 mins (Session)
Insider ins-test-cookie Tests if cookies are enabled on the browser that user is currently using. Marketing Cookies Session
Insider insdrSubsId Web Push Token of the user. Marketing Cookies 60 days. 
Insider insdrSubsIdCreateDate Creation date of Web Push Token. Marketing Cookies 60 days. 
Insider push-request-sent Collects opt-in log according to its existence Marketing Cookies 60 days. 
Insider campaignId-countdownId-until Stores countdown information of a single info campaign Marketing Cookies 1 hour
Insider insdrPushCookieStatus Shows opt-in according to its existence Marketing Cookies 1 day
Insider isVAPID Confirms that token has been given by vapid key Marketing Cookies 1 year
Insider migratedSDK Stores already registered sw sdk path Marketing Cookies 60 days. 
Insider insdrDH N/A Marketing Cookies 60 days. 
Insider insdrAuth N/A Marketing Cookies 60 days. 
Insider insdrPayloadComplete Used for checking if user has token and sw migration required Marketing Cookies 60 days. 
Insider ins-c checks cookie support in the browser Marketing Cookies  

  How Can I Control the Use of Cookies?

During your visit to our site, a notice informing you about the use of Cookies appear and when you click on the “I accept all cookies” button, you approve all Cookies on the Site.

You can learn about cookies and also exercise your right to allow or block cookies by following the steps below, depending on your internet browser:

  • Google Chrome: You can allow or block cookies from the “Cookie” tab by clicking the “lock mark” or “i” letter in the “address bar” of your browser.
  • Internet Explorer: You can manage cookies by clicking the “Security” tab from the “Tool” or “Tools” section in the upper right corner of your browser and selecting “allow” or “block”.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click the “open menu” tab in the upper right corner of your browser. You can manage your cookies by clicking the “Options” image and using the “Privacy and Security” button.
  • As for other browsers (such as opera, microsoft edge), you can review the help or support pages of the relevant browser.
  • Safari: You can manage all your cookies from the “Privacy and Security” section by selecting the “safari” tab from the “Settings” section of your phone.
  • In addition to the options above, you can visit, or use the “Privacy Badger” application to be informed about all cookies and to manage cookies (
  • For cookie or SDK (Software Development Kit) management in mobile applications, you can follow the directions in the Privacy or Settings Section of your device or use Lumen Privacy Monitor ( ) by downloading it to your phone.

What Are Your Rights as Data Owner?

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law; regarding your personal data, you have the right

  • to get informed of whether the Company processes personal data about you or not, and to request information about it, if it has,
  • to get informed of the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose or not,
  • to get informed of whether personal data is transferred domestically or abroad and to whom it is transferred to,
  • to request revision of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
  • to request to delete or destruct the personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the relevant legislation,
  • to request third parties, to whom personal data has been transferred, to be notified of the transactions made as a result of the request to revise, delete and destruct,
  • to object the emergence of a result against the person due to analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
  • to request the loss to be compensated in case of a loss due to unlawful processing of personal data.

We will try to conclude your requests in your application within thirty (30) days at the latest, free of charge, in accordance with the nature of the request, however, if the process requires an additional cost for the Company, we may charge you the fee in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

You may contact us via our contact information below to exercise the above-mentioned rights.

Additional Information for Persons Covered by GDPR

If your personal data is covered by the GDPR (in other words, you are a person in the European Economic Area); we would like to remind you that in addition to the right to request access and revision of your personal data from the Company, you also have the right to request data portability, if applicable, or to stop processing or to delete your personal data. To stop the processing or to delete is only possible if the processing of personal data is based on consent or legitimate interest.

If personal data processing is based on your express consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, however, without affecting the legitimacy of the consent-based processing prior to its withdrawal. You may use the contact information specified below to exercise the right to withdraw your consent.

If you are under the impression that the Company’s personal data processing does not comply with the GDPR, you have the right to file a complaint to the regulatory authority in charge.


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